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Top Five Nationalities with High Demand for Citizenship through Investment Programs

In a world where global mobility and financial flexibility are increasingly coveted, citizenship by investment (CBI) programs have surged in popularity. These schemes offer a unique avenue for affluent individuals to acquire a second passport, and with it, a myriad of benefits. But have you ever wondered which nationalities see the most demand for citizenship by investment?


The answer might surprise you. This piece will delve into the concept of CBI, exploring its perks and unveiling the top five nationalities that are leading the charge in offering new citizenship opportunities. Stay tuned to discover if your country makes the list, and what makes these programs so appealing to the global elite.


What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by investment is a process where individuals can obtain a second citizenship by making a substantial financial contribution to the host country, typically through real estate purchases, business investments, or direct contributions to a national fund. Unlike traditional immigration routes, CBI doesn’t usually require applicants to reside in the country or speak the local language.


This fast-track route to dual citizenship is particularly appealing to high-net-worth individuals seeking increased global mobility, tax planning opportunities, and the security of an alternative residency. Each participating country has its own set of criteria and investment thresholds for eligibility.


What are the Benefits of Citizenship by Investment?

The allure of citizenship by investment programs lies in their bountiful benefits. These investment programs provide a swift pathway to obtain citizenship in other countries, opening a world of advantages, such as:


  • Global Mobility: A second passport from CBI programs often means visa-free travel to numerous countries.
  • Investment Growth: By choosing the right citizenship by investment program, investors can make significant gains through smart investments in stable economies.
  • Tax Management: Many countries offering citizenship by investment programs have favourable tax regimes, potentially reducing an investor’s tax liabilities.
  • Security: Investment citizenship can offer stability and safety, a hedge against geopolitical unrest.
  • Education and Healthcare Access: Investors often gain access to world-class education and healthcare systems for themselves and their dependants.
  • Permanent Residency: Alongside citizenship, some programs provide the option to obtain residency, leading to permanent living rights.
  • Minimum Investment for Maximum Return: The minimum investment required can be relatively low compared to the lifelong benefits gained, including the potential for future generations to inherit citizenship by investment.

Introducing the Top Five Nationalities with High Demand for Citizenship by Investment Programs

Now let’s discuss the top five nationalities most in demand for citizenship by investment. They are in order of ranking:



Malta’s citizenship by investment offers a special naturalisation route, entailing a substantial non-returnable contribution to the national fund—starting from €600,000. Besides the financial outlay, investors are required to commit to a five-year property rental or purchase, and a €10,000 charitable donation.


With Maltese citizenship, you’ll bypass visa delays, enjoy swift bank transactions without forex controls, and pave a seamless path for your children’s European education and career prospects—all while having the option to recoup your real estate investment after five years.


Learn more about Malta’s Citizenship and Investment Program here.


Embark on a journey to global freedom with a minimum investment of just $130,000, unlocking citizenship in a mere 2-3 months. With one application, secure a future for your spouse and children under 25, bestowing the gift of citizenship for life that cascades through generations.


There’s no need for minimum residency, age, or education prerequisites. Embrace the privilege of visa-free travel to over 90 countries, including the United Kingdom.


Learn more about Vanuatu Citizenship and Investment Program here.


Unlock global travel to over 141 countries with a $150,000 investment in Grenada’s CBI program. In just 5-6 months, you and your family, including your spouse, dependent children under 30, and parents over 55, could enjoy the freedom to live and work across 15 Caricom nations.


Remarkably, there’s no need to reside in or even visit Grenada. Plus, take advantage of the E-2 treaty with the US, opening paths to business ventures and potential green card opportunities. It’s an investment into a broader horizon for you and your loved ones.


Learn more about Grenada Citizenship and Investment Program here.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

With a minimum investment of $250,000, you can access the world’s oldest citizenship by investment programme. In just 4-6 months, gain a second passport allowing visa-free travel to over 150 countries, including the EU and UK. No residency is required, dual citizenship is permitted, and the tax benefits are significant, with no inheritance or personal income tax.


It’s family-inclusive, extending to dependent children under 30 and parents or grandparents over 55. An efficient, cost-effective path to global citizenship awaits.


Learn more about Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship and Investment Program here.

Saint Lucia

Lastly, with a mere $100,000 investment, you can embark on a journey to global mobility through a swift citizenship programme. In just 4-5 months, you could be holding a passport that unlocks visa-free access to over 140 countries, opening up a world of travel and business opportunities.


This citizenship avenue not only offers a politically and economically stable haven but also an enviable living environment, making it a highly sought-after destination. Excellently connected to both the US and Europe, it stands as the most economical option for solo applicants, complete with the inclusion of dependents – children under 30, parents over 55, and any unmarried siblings under 18.


Step into a life where lifestyle meets opportunity, and every border becomes a gateway to new possibilities.


Learn more about St. Lucia Citizenship and Investment Program here.


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