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St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

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Unlock New Horizons with Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programs

The Citizenship by Investment Program in St. Lucia was established in 2016 and offers investors the opportunity to obtain citizenship in exchange for an investment in the country. The program provides a range of benefits, including visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the UK and Schengen Area, and the ability to live, work, and study in St. Lucia.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet certain criteria, such as passing a background check, demonstrating a clean record, and making an investment in the country. The program offers two investment options, including a contribution to the government’s National Economic Fund or a real estate investment in a designated development area.

Benefits of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program:

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program offers a quick and efficient application process, taking only four to five months. This program allows individuals to become citizens in a short period of time.


As a citizen of Saint Lucia, people can travel to over 140 countries without a visa or with one upon arrival. Dual citizenship is also allowed, providing people with both Saint Lucian and their original citizenship. Saint Lucian citizenship is irrevocable, ensuring long-term security and stability for applicants. There is no requirement to visit or stay in Saint Lucia once citizenship is granted.


Furthermore, Saint Lucian nationals are exempt from paying estate, inheritance, and foreign-sourced income taxes. Saint Lucia is a welcoming and inclusive nation with no restrictions based on nationality.

Process Timeline

Step 1:

Client Assessment

Step 2:

Client On-Boarding

Step 3:

Documents Collection and Submission

Step 4:

Applicants Interview

Step 5:

Approval and Investments

Step 6:

Issuance of Passport and Citizenship


Investment options to obtain citizenship

National Economic Fund Contribution

  • Single applicant: US $240,000
  • Applicant and spouse: US $240,000
  • Family of up to 4 members (dependent spouse + 2 children): US $240,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependent (under 18 years of age ): US $10,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependent(above 18 years of age ): US $20,000

Real Estate Investment

  • A minimum investment of US $300,000 in a Government approved real estate project.
  • This investment must be retained for at least five years. Incidental expenses, e.g., property registration, taxes are additional.
*Additional government processing and due diligence fees apply.
Capital: Castries
Total Area: 617 Km2
Population: 178,015
Languages: English, Patois
Currency: East Caribbean Dollars (XCD)
Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 2.7 XCD
GDP - Per Capita (2016): USD 7,744
GDP - Total (2016): USD 1.379 Billion

About Saint Lucian Passport

The passport issued by St. Lucia is a useful travel document with many privileges for its owners. According to Global Passport Index, the St. Lucian passport is highly recognized and ranks as the 37th strongest passport in the world.. This score shows the passport’s high degree of international travel freedom.


There are no restrictions on where you can travel with a passport from St. Lucia. Since St. Lucia is a member of both the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations, its citizens can enter more than 140 countries without a visa or with one upon arrival, including several well-known tourist sites throughout the globe.


Moreover, St. Lucia has diplomatic ties with numerous nations, which may facilitate travel for residents of St. Lucia. Nonetheless, it is crucial to confirm the destination country’s visa requirements before you go because they are subject to sudden changes.

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Who qualifies for the program?

Individuals who possess good health and character, and have no criminal records, are eligible to apply. The citizenship granted through the program can also be extended to the applicant’s spouse, dependents under the age of 30, parents or grandparents over 55, and unmarried siblings below 18 years of age.

Are interviews, language exams, or work experience necessary to qualify for St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment?

You don’t need to pass any interviews, language tests, or have any prior work experience in order to apply for this program.

Do I need to travel to Saint Lucia to become a citizen?

Although it is not necessary to travel to St. Lucia in order to become a citizen, you are welcome to do so and take a look around.

Does St. Lucia issue biometric passports (ePassports)?

There isn’t yet an ePassport or a biometric passport offered by St. Lucia.

Visa Free List

In addition to the list of countries, access is subject to variations depending on the policy of each government.


Our Citizenship by Investment Programs

At UNO Capital, we provide the chance to enhance wealth, promote growth, and ensure family stability through acquiring a second citizenship. This grants you increased freedom and mobility, requiring only a minimal investment of USD 100,000 for citizenship through investment programs.

FAQ's About Citizenship by Investment in St. Lucia

Here at UNO Capital, We understand that you may have many questions regarding Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and we are here to answer them.

Who qualifies for the program?
Individuals who possess good health and character, and have no criminal records, are eligible to apply. The citizenship granted through the program can also be extended to the applicant’s spouse, dependents under the age of 30, parents or grandparents over 55, and unmarried siblings below 18 years of age.
What is the validity period of the passport?
Passports issued by St. Lucia are valid for a period of 5 years.
What are the benefits of this program?
A St. Lucia passport grants you visa-free travel to numerous countries across Europe, Asia, and other regions, providing you with ample business and investment opportunities. You will also have access to globally recognized international and offshore banking services.
Can my family members be included in my application for Saint Lucia citizenship by investment?

It is necessary for children dependent on their parents to be under 30 years old, unmarried, and financially dependent on the applicant. A family member’s application may require an additional investment based on how many dependents are included.

Will I have to live in St. Lucia to keep my citizenship?

No, if you get citizenship through the Saint Lucian Citizenship by Investment Programme, you won’t need to live there to keep it. Dual citizenship is permitted in St. Lucia, allowing persons to simultaneously hold citizenship in two or more nations.

Once you have acquired Saint Lucian citizenship through the investment scheme, there are no restrictions on your travel or place of residence, and you are not required to dwell in St. Lucia or stay there for a predetermined period. It is crucial to remember that all St. Lucian citizens, regardless of how they got their citizenship, are obliged to follow the country’s rules and laws and that breaking them can lead to citizenship being revoked.

Is Saint Lucia's citizenship by investment programme recognized internationally?

Absolutely, the Saint Lucia citizenship by investment scheme is well-known worldwide. A recognized legal route to St. Lucian citizenship, the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is governed by the St. Lucian government.


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