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The Portugal D7 Visa Program offers a convenient and cost-effective route to Portuguese residency and eventual citizenship for those willing to spend a significant portion of the year in Portugal. Also known as the Passive Income Visa, this program is designed for financially independent individuals.

Non-EU citizens can apply for the D7 visa, which requires the purchase or rental of residential properties in Portugal and proof of a passive income of at least €760 per month. Successful applicants can obtain a residence permit with the right to work in Portugal and are required to spend a minimum of 183 days per year in the country. The D7 visa provides a flexible option for individuals looking to establish themselves and their families in Portugal, enjoying its vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and favourable living conditions.

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Benefits of D7 Visa Portugal:

Portugal D7 Visa vs Golden Visa


D7 Visa Program

Golden Visa Program

Key Offerings

  • Quick and cost-effective route to residency and citizenship in Portugal.
  • Suitable for financially independent individuals.
  • Allows for work and business activities in Portugal
  • Residency permit without physical presence in Portugal.
  • Opportunity for eventual citizenship.
  • Wide range of eligible investment options (real estate, capital transfer, job creation, etc.)


  • Purchase or rental of residential properties in Portugal.
  • Proof of passive income –
    €760 per month
  • Investment amount (minimum €280,000 in real estate or €350,000 in capital transfer)
  • Variable additional costs (legal fees, due diligence, application processing fees, etc.)

Residency Maintenance Requirements

Residency maintenance requirement is a minimum of 183 days per year

Residency maintenance requirement is a minimum of 7 days in the first year and 14 days in subsequent periods

FAQ's about Portuguese D7 Visa

Can I apply for the Portugal D7 Visa if I am self-employed or own a business?

Yes, the D7 Visa is open to self-employed individuals and business owners who can demonstrate sufficient recurring income or savings.

Are there any specific language requirements for the D7 Visa?

There are no specific language requirements for the D7 Visa. However, having some knowledge of Portuguese can be beneficial for daily life and integration into the local community.

What documents do I need to provide as proof of passive income for the D7 Visa?

Acceptable documents to prove passive income may include bank statements, pension statements, rental income records, investment statements, or any other relevant financial documentation that demonstrates a recurring income of at least €760 per month.

Can I apply for the D7 Visa if I do not own property in Portugal?

Yes, it is possible to apply for the D7 Visa by renting a residential property in Portugal instead of owning one. Rental agreements and proof of payment may be required as part of the application process.

Is it necessary to open a bank account in Portugal for the D7 Visa application?

While it is not a strict requirement, having a Portuguese bank account can facilitate financial transactions and provide proof of financial stability during the visa application process.

Will I be eligible for Portuguese healthcare benefits with the D7 Visa?

D7 Visa holders are generally not eligible for Portuguese state healthcare benefits. However, it is advisable to obtain private health insurance to ensure adequate medical coverage during your stay in Portugal.

Can I apply for permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship through the D7 Visa Program?

Yes, the D7 Visa can lead to permanent residency in Portugal, and after five years of legal residency, it may be possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship, provided all requirements are met.


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