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How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Navigating the process of acquiring Citizenship by Investment can be complex. From understanding the chosen program to fulfilling the program’s requirements, the process may be confusing and complicated.


Our detailed timeline for Türkiye provides step-by-step assistance to help you secure your desired passport efficiently and effectively. Our guide will personalize the most suitable option for your needs and facilitate a seamless process ensuring transparency and success, getting you one step closer to your second passport.


About the Country 

Situated in the heart of Asia with smaller parts in Europe, the nation of Türkiye is a remarkable blend of history with modern life. With its strategic location, dynamic cultural significance, and excellent modern architecture, Türkiye is an exceptional destination for individuals and families seeking a diverse lifestyle.  

The capital city of Türkiye, Ankara, is famously recognized as a supreme tourist destination. Home to performing arts, authentic cuisine, and more, the city is widely popular among travellers.


About Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment Program

The Citizenship by Investment program of Türkiye commenced in 2017 to allow foreign investments and economic development in the country. Since then, the program has been known for its ease, safe, and promising dual citizenship.


The program offers investors and families several benefits. The geographical location of Türkiye allows investors to access business markets of Europe and Asia. This allows them to expand their reach and achieve economic diversification.


Türkiye is the world’s 17th largest economy promising families a secure and flourishing future for generations to come. It facilitates visa-free travel to over 115 destinations allowing easy work or leisure travel.


Why should you invest in Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment Program? 

Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment Program provides various perks to individuals and families, ensuring a prosperous future. Some of the key benefits are given below-


  1. Global Mobility: Türkiye’s passport facilitates visa-free travel to over 115 destinations. This allows individuals and families the freedom to travel for work or leisure hassle-free to the country of their choice.
  2. E-2 Business Visa to the USA: Turkish passport holders are eligible for the E-2 Business Visas to the USA making work and leisure travel seamless without any strict visa requirements.
  3. Prospect of Returns: The Citizenship by Investment program of Türkiye provides potential returns of up to 5% on rental income, and possible capital gains by selling it after three years. Please note: This clause may not be applicable under certain circumstances.
  4. No Residency Requirement: Turkish Citizenship by Investment offers a smooth process with no residency requirement to acquire a second passport. This provides individuals and families with the opportunity to receive the country’s citizenship from the comfort of their homes.
  5. Fast Processing Time: Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment program is known for its efficient processing time. Individuals and families can obtain their citizenship within the timeline of 8-9 months. This makes Turkish Citizenship an attractive option for seeking citizenship quickly.
  6. Dual Citizenship: The Citizenship by Investment program of Türkiye recognizes existing citizenship allowing Turkish citizenship holders to preserve their culture by retaining their former passports and simultaneously enjoying the benefits of second citizenship.
  7. Increased Quality of Life:  Türkiye’s Citizenship offers an increased quality of life with access to excellent services such as education facilities, a healthcare system, a growing economy, and more. This grants investors and families to thrive in a developing community and build a prosperous future.
  8. Lifelong Citizenship: Turkish Citizenship is achieved for a lifetime and can be passed on to future generations ensuring a legacy of opportunities. This assists you in securing the future of your loved ones. 

Process Timeline for Obtaining Türkiye’s Citizenship 

The process timeline of acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment is typically done in the time frame of 8 –9 months, contingent on terms and conditions. Here is a breakdown of the timeline for the entire process of obtaining your second citizenship with ease.


  1. Client Facilitation Agreement: The process is initiated by signing and agreeing to the Client Facilitation Agreement with UNO Capital. This marks the beginning of the process.
  2. Tax Identification Number: The next step involves obtaining the Tax Identification Number of Turkey for the main applicant. It is essential to establish identification for activities such as opening a bank account, registration for financial activities, etc.
  3. Power of Attorney: After receiving the tax identification number, the next step will be facilitated through a Power of Attorney (POA) granted to our extensive organizational lawyers in Türkiye, allowing implementation in Türkiye or at the Turkish embassy in the UAE.
  4. Endorsement of POA: Upon bank account establishment, your signature is mandatory on a POA. Our authorized organizational lawyers will administrate property conveyance, residence permit applications, bank operations, tax obligations, and citizenship applicants.
  5. Property Acquirement: Upon finalizing the approved real estate investment, proceed to purchase the identified property ensuring a minimum investment of US $400,000 to fulfil the required investment option.
  6. Fund Transfer and Title Deed: After the fund transfer is completed, the title deed is usually transferred within the time frame of 14 to 21 working days.
  7. Approval of Residency Permit/ Biometrics: The next step is to issue the residency permit card of Türkiye. Once the biometrics are completed in Türkiye or the nearest embassy, the PR card will be procured.
  8. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship: The final step for obtaining Turkish citizenship requires the main applicant to complete address registration and biometric data collection at the nearest Turkish embassy. Following, Turkish passports can be collected from the same embassy as biometrics. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the complete CBI application process typically take for Türkiye?

The typical timeline for Turkey’s CBI program is around 8-9 months from initial application to receiving citizenship. However, processing times can vary based on certain circumstances and requirements.

What is the first step in the process of acquiring Türkiye’s Citizenship?

The first step is to complete proper background verification of the applicant to certify background statements. 

What is the timeframe for the citizenship application review?

Once you submit your citizenship application with all required and verified documents, the review process by the official Turkish authorities usually takes about 3-4 months. However, this may be subject to change in certain conditions. 

How soon after approval can I receive my Turkish passport?

After your citizenship application is approved, you can typically receive your Turkish passport within 2-3 weeks after completing the biometrics from Türkiye or the nearest Embassy. 

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