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Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Commonwealth of Dominica Flag

The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program in the Commonwealth of Dominica was established in 1993 and is one of the oldest and most popular CBI programs in the world.

Dominica citizenship offers individuals and families the opportunity to obtain citizenship in a stable and well-respected country in exchange for a financial investment. The Dominica cbi program is designed to benefit both the country and the applicant, as the investment contributes to the development of Dominica’s economy.

To be eligible, applicants must make a contribution, have a clean record, good health, and a high personal net worth. In return, applicants receive full citizenship, including a passport that grants visa-free travel to over 130 countries, and the ability to live, work and study in Dominica. The program also provides the ability to pass citizenship onto future generations, making it a valuable investment for families.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment program:

Acquiring Dominica citizenship by investment is advantageous due to its expedited application process, providing a quick route to citizenship compared to naturalization. Additionally, investors gain access to commercial and investment options, as well as offshore financial services, advantageous for those expanding overseas.


Finally, dual citizenship is available, providing flexibility for international business operations. Overall, it provides a fast and straightforward path to citizenship, access to financial services, and dual citizenship opportunities.

About Dominican Passport

With Dominica citizenship comes the opportunity to hold a Commonwealth of Dominica passport, which is ranked as the 37th strongest passport in the world. This passport offers visa-free access to over 130 countries in Europe, Asia, and other regions, which can be a considerable advantage for business and travel purposes.


For investors looking for a second passport, the Commonwealth of Dominica passport is a reasonable choice. It is valid for ten years and has a ten-year renewal option. The passport is more secure since it has an electronic chip embedded with the biometric data of the passport bearer. Dual citizenship is permitted, allowing bearers to keep their home country citizenship while taking advantage of visa-free travel to more nations.

Process Timeline

Step 1:

Client Assessment

Step 2:

Client On-Boarding

Step 3:

Documents Collection and Submission

Step 4:

Applicants Interview

Step 5:

Approval and Investments

Step 6:

Issuance of Passport and Citizenship


Investment options to obtain citizenship

Contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

The contributions may be made in the following quanta:


  • Single Applicant : US$ 100,000
    Main Applicant and Spouse : US$ 150,000
  • Family of four : US$ 175,000
  • Each additional dependent below 18 : US$ 25,000
  • Each additional dependent 18 or above : US$ 50,000

Real Estate Investment

  • Investment in government approved real estate.
  • Minimum Investment: US$ 200,000
  • Additional Government fees will apply.
*Additional government processing and due diligence fees apply.

Requirements of Dominican citizenship by investment

Applicants must fulfil standards to get Dominican citizenship through investment. To qualify, they must first invest at least $100,000 in The Economic Diversification Fund that has been approved or $200,000 in a government approved real estate project fund. Second, candidates need to be at least 18 years old and clear a background check.


Finally, they must present identification and financial standing documentation. The last step is for them to turn in a finished application and pay the required investments About 3-5 months after all prerequisites have been satisfied, the citizenship application can be processed and approved.


What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

To be eligible, an individual must have a clear health record and must be of good character. Spouses, dependents under the age of 30, parents or grandparents over 65, and unmarried siblings under 25 can also be included in one application.

When is the right time to make the investment?

Investment can only be made after completing a due diligence process and receiving board approval.

How long is the validity of the passport?

Commonwealth of Dominica passports are valid for ten years for adults and five years for minors.

What are the benefits of the program?

A Commonwealth of Dominica passport allows visa-free travel to many countries in Europe, Asia, and other regions, providing significant business and investment opportunities. It also grants access to internationally recognized international and offshore banking services.

Dominica Visa Free List

In addition to the list of countries, access is subject to variations depending on the policy of each government.


Our Citizenship by Investment Programs

At UNO Capital, we provide the chance to enhance wealth, promote growth, and ensure family stability through acquiring a second citizenship. This grants you increased freedom and mobility, requiring only a minimal investment of USD 100,000 for citizenship through investment programs.

FAQ's About Dominican Citizenship by Investment

Here at UNO Capital, we understand that you might have many questions regarding Dominica passport by investment programs. We are here to answer any questions that you may have, and below we have answered some of the most frequent questions we are asked.


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