In some circumstances, you may need to retain citizenship and still enjoy the benefits of living in another country. It may be that ties to your homeland are too strong to give up; maybe the home country does not permit dual citizenship; or for tax, business, personal reasons, you need to reside elsewhere without necessarily changing your nationality or acquiring a second citizenship. It could also be for frequent travel with long and indefinite stays, and you want to do away with cumbersome visit visas that are valid only for a few months and need to be reapplied each time.

Our Programs

Portugal Residency by Investment

Portugal Golden Visa

EUR 280,000*

Greece Residency by Investment

Greece Golden Visa

EUR 250,00*

Spain Residency by Investment

Spain Golden Visa

EUR 500,00*

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta Residency by Investment

EUR 270,00*

USA Residency by Investment


USD 900,000*

Required Investment

Minimum Maximum
Citizenship Programs
$ 100,000
$ 1,150,000
Residency Programs
€ 250,000
€ 600,000


What is a Second Residency?

In addition to the applicant’s primary or current residency, a second residency can be obtained in a different country. Read More

Which countries offer Citizenship by Investment?

An individual may obtain legal residency in a country through the process of residency by investment, similar to citizenship by investment.Read More

Which countries offer Residency by Investment?

There are several countries that offer Residency by Investment, including Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Malta. Read More


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