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What is the process for applying for second citizenship?

A government-authorized agent, such as UNO Capital, is the only way to apply for citizenship and residency through investment programs. Throughout the years, we have worked closely with governments on a number of applications. To meet the requirements of governments, we continuously update and refine our systems. Obtain more insight into the application process by contacting us and scheduling a free consultation.

What is the best program for me?

Since all of the programs offer features that can be beneficial to you, selecting a program can be a difficult task. Analyzing your circumstances is the best way to determine which program would be most suitable for you. The selection of a program that will provide the most value over the long term can be influenced by a few factors.

It is imperative that you consider your future plans when selecting a program; if you are single or a young couple, you must consider whether you intend to start a family. Similarly, large families must consider the number of dependents because certain countries offer more advantageous investment packages. However, your personal habits and goals might dictate your travel plans, which means you should consider key destinations for business and leisure travel so you can ensure your new passport and citizenship provide easy access through visa-free or visa-on-arrival procedures.

Citizenship By Investment

What is Citizenship by Investment?

The citizenship by investment program is a specific section of citizenship law that requires the investor to invest in the economy of the country, and in return, the investor is granted citizenship status passport. A significant advantage of this citizenship category is that citizenship can be obtained in a shorter period of time than traditional immigration processes, with no requirements for physical residency.

Which countries offer Citizenship by Investment?

Countries that offer Citizenship by Investment programs include Malta, Turkey, Montenegro, Vanuatu, St. Kitts and Nevis, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia.

What are the benefits of a second citizenship for my family?

Providing the best solutions for families is our driving motivation when advising on a program, as family is a core value embedded deep within our values and principles. You are encouraged by the second citizenship programs to pass the citizenship on to your future generations in order to ensure their security in the future. It is possible to access world-class healthcare and social services by holding citizenship from an economically and politically stable country. Furthermore, your children will be able to obtain a high standard of education and develop connections with world-renowned business hubs as a result of accessing prestigious educational opportunities.

Residency By Investment

What is a Second Residency?

In addition to the applicant’s primary or current residency, a second residency can be obtained in a different country. A significant number of countries allow their citizens to hold more than one residency at the same time and benefit from all of them.

What is Residency by Investment?

An individual may obtain legal residency in a country through the process of residency by investment, similar to citizenship by investment. There is one significant difference between a Residency through Investment and a Residency through Conventional Process. The Residency through Investment does not require physical residency.

Which countries offer Residency by Investment?

There are several countries that offer Residency by Investment, including Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Malta.

What are the benefits of a second residency for my family?

A family benefits in multiple ways from the acquisition of a second residence. In addition to having access to health care, your relatives will have access to universities and job opportunities that may not be available in their own country.


Do I qualify for a second citizenship, a second passport, or a dual residency?

In order to qualify for citizenship or residency by investment, applicants must meet specific requirements specific to each country. A few of the most common requirements are the age of at least 18 years old, the absence of any criminal records, the possession of a legal source of funds, and the investment in an option approved by the government.

What if my application is rejected?

In order to ensure that every application is treated with the same care and attention as our very first, we are proud to announce that we have a rejection rate of 0%. As a result of our team’s wide experience with countless applications, each with its own unique circumstances, we are able to anticipate problems before they arise. To ensure that you are not rejected, we perform a free pre-approval check prior to onboarding you as a client. Our goal is to determine whether any red flags exist before we submit your application by working with you and asking the appropriate questions. It is important to be honest and transparent in order to prevent rejections from occurring. We can provide you with advice regarding measures you can take to improve your standing in the unlikely event that you are rejected.

Who can be added to an application?

It depends on the country whether dependents are eligible, but usually a spouse and children under the age of 18, either biologically or through adoption, are eligible. As long as they meet certain criteria, dependent children over the age of 18 may also be included. Depending upon the applicant’s circumstances, the parents and sometimes grandparents of the applicant and their spouse may also be included as applicants, as long as they meet the requirements. During your consultation with our professional consultants, you may discuss who you would like to include on your application.

Can family members be added if they meet certain requirements?

When applying for citizenship or residence through investment, it is crucial that you identify the requirements for adding family members.
There are varying requirements depending on the program you choose, with some programs being more flexible than others when it comes to adding family members. With the assistance of our professional consultants, you will be guided through the process and informed of the requirements for the program that best meets your needs.

Is it necessary for me to speak the language of the country where I intend to apply?

The good news is that Citizenship or Residency by Investment programs do not require you to learn the language if you do not wish to do so.

Is it necessary for me to visit the country?

These programs are distinguished by the fact that they do not require physical residency, so if you are unable to or do not wish to do so, they do not require you to visit them. It should be noted that some of these programs require a physical visit or some form of physical residency. Consider this option if you do not intend to travel.


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