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Passport Rankings for Citizenship By Investment Countries in 2024

As we continue through 2024, the landscape of global mobility and citizenship acquisition is more vibrant than ever, with passport rankings playing a pivotal role. For savvy investors and global citizens, understanding these rankings is not just about the travel freedom a passport offers; it’s about unlocking doors to opportunities that span continents.


But how do these rankings influence the value of citizenship by investment (CBI) programs? Stay with us as we delve into the nuances of passport rankings for CBI countries and reveal how UNO Capital’s tailored programs stand out in this dynamic arena. Curious about which passports are climbing the charts this year? Read on to discover how your next investment could elevate your global access.


Malta (5th)

Embark on a transformative journey with the Malta Citizenship by Investment program. With a minimum investment of Euro 680,000, unlock a world of opportunities, including visa-free access to 180 countries, a favourable tax regime, and European citizenship within 12-36 months.


This esteemed program, established in 2013, offers you and your descendants the prestige of EU citizenship, no language tests, and the freedom of dual nationality. Legally backed by the Government of Malta and approved by the EU, it’s your gateway to global mobility, from the Schengen Area to the USA and Canada. Discover a life without borders.


St. Kitts and Nevis (21st)

Navigate your way to the enchanting dual-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, where the Citizenship by Investment Program, established in 1984, beckons with its rich tapestry of opportunities. For a minimum investment of $250,000, this time-honored program ushers you into a realm of possibilities within just 4-6 months, unlocking visa-free entry to over 150 nations, including the prestigious UK and Schengen zone.


Envision a lifestyle adorned with the benefits of dual citizenship, significant tax incentives, and the inclusion of your nearest and dearest, all without the requisite of residing there. Let’s explore the transformative journey St. Kitts and Nevis offers.


Antigua and Barbuda (27th)

Next up, bag yourself Commonwealth citizenship with the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program. With a minimum investment of just $100,000, you can unlock a new realm of possibilities within a mere 6-7 months. Imagine visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 150 countries, including prestigious destinations like the Schengen States and the UK.


Not only does this program offer significant tax savings, but it also allows for dual citizenship, enabling you to retain your current nationality. With minimal residency requirements and the inclusion of your immediate family, and even grandparents over 55 as dependents, the path to global mobility and a secure future has never been clearer.


Grenada (33rd)

With Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, established in 2013, unlock a world of possibilities. With a minimum investment of just $150,000, this program paves the way to acquiring a powerful passport in merely 5-6 months. Imagine holding a passport that grants you visa-free access to over 141 countries, ranked among the most desirable in 2024 for its global mobility.


Grenada not only offers a quick path to citizenship but also the freedom to live and work across 15 Caricom countries, with no residency requirements. Plus, the unique E-2 treaty with the US opens doors to business ventures and potential green card opportunities. Your investment into government-approved real estate or the National Transformation Fund could be the key to expanding your horizons and securing a legacy for your family.


Vanuatu (55th)

Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program, initiated in 2017, might just be your golden ticket. With a minimum investment of $130,000, you can unlock a passport that not only ranks highly for its visa-free access to over 90 countries, including the United Kingdom, but also symbolizes freedom, security, and global mobility.


Imagine securing a future where your family enjoys the liberties of citizenship for life, passed down through generations, without ever having to step foot in the country. In just 2-3 months, this program promises more than just a travel document; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities, free from the constraints of borders and bureaucracies.


Ready to explore how this investment can redefine your global footprint? Get in touch with us today.


Commonwealth of Dominica (73rd)

Dive into Dominica’s esteemed Citizenship by Investment program, a beacon since 1993 for individuals seeking not just a passport but a gateway to global mobility. With a straightforward investment of $100,000, the dream of holding one of the world’s 37th strongest passports can become a reality within a mere 4-5 months.


Imagine the freedom of visa-free access to 140+ countries, all while contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Dominica’s economy. This isn’t just about acquiring a passport; it’s about joining a community that values growth, stability, and the boundless opportunities that come with being a citizen of such a distinguished country.


Whether it’s for the allure of estate investments or the promise of a tax-friendly environment, Dominica’s program stands as a testament to what it means to invest in the future — yours and the generations that follow.


St. Lucia (76th)

In 2016, St. Lucia unveiled its Citizenship by Investment Program, a gateway for investors to secure a global passport in just 4-5 months. With a modest investment starting from $100,000, citizens gain visa-free access to 140+ countries, including the UK and Schengen Area, in 2024.


This program isn’t just about the travel freedom offered by a ranked passport; it’s a pledge to a life where the Caribbean’s stability, beauty, and connectivity to major continents enhance your lifestyle. Including family members broadens the horizon, making it a compelling choice for those seeking to invest in their future and mobility.


Turkiye (93rd)

With a minimum investment of $400,000, the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program offers a gateway to a global passport in just 5-6 months. This program, since its 2018 inception, has become a beacon for investors seeking more than just an estate; it’s about crafting a legacy that spans countries and generations.


Imagine visa-free access to 110 countries and a life where the East meets West in harmony. From the bustling bazaars to the serene shores, this program isn’t just an investment in real estate—it’s an investment in a lifestyle, enriched by Turkey’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and economic opportunity.


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