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Greece Passport Holders Visa Free Travel Countries List

Highly influential in ancient times, Greece is still popular for its rich history and culture. From picturesque buildings of Santorini to party resorts of Mynoko, there is something for everyone in this country. A PR by investment in Greece is comparatively cheaper than many other European countries. A minimum investment of EUR 250,000 (including joint investments) is all that is required for the Greece PR program.


This citizenship entitles you to travel to all the Schengen regions and EU without a visa or makes you applicable to visa on arrival. Thus, apart from the beauty of Greece, one also gets to explore the entire EU region with this citizenship.


Following is an indicative list of countries providing Visa-Free or On Arrival Visa for Greece passport holders

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Disclaimer: The above list is only indicative and may change from time to time, please check the visa requirements from embassy/consulate prior to your travel.

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