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Second Passport by Investment from Dubai

Do you wish to become a citizen of Europe or a Caribbean Island by gaining a second passport but don’t know where to begin the process? Have you been searching for a reliable passports and citizenship consultancy in Dubai that can assist you with the entire process from start to finish? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at UNO Capital boast a wealth of knowledge regarding citizenship and second passports. We will know exactly how to assist you in receiving your second passport by investment from Dubai.

Whether for business, education, leisure, or employment, we can assist in obtaining a Caribbean and EU passport by investment regardless of the reason. There are many different programs available depending on where you wish to settle, and we can talk you through each one.

So, to find out more about the benefits of a second passport and how to gain one by investment, get in touch with our team of experts consultants on +971 4 3930 393.


Specialists in Second Passport by Investment from Dubai

When it comes to claiming a second passport to become an EU citizen, or a national of any Caribbean Nation, the process can be difficult and confusing. Without the advantages of birth or descent, it can be hard to even know where to begin, but this is where we come in at UNO Capital. We have years of experience in helping our clients achieve their dreams of becoming Caribbean and EU citizens by gaining a second passport by investment from Dubai.


Here at UNO Capital, we are a citizenship services company based in Dubai, and we can offer bespoke service to help clients make the investments that will secure their and their families futures. As specialists in helping clients gain an EU or Caribbean passport by investment, you can trust that we are a government-approved advisory, offering premier services and advice to assist you in the process.

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Second Passport by Investment from Dubai
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EU Passport by Investment Programmes

EU Passport by Investment Programmes

For many, Western Europe is the dream destination for obtaining a second passport and citizenship but knowing where to begin the process can be difficult. With a passport and citizenship in a European country, you can benefit from employment, education, leisure, and business throughout the EU.


Citizens of the European Union can travel between any of the member states, finding residence and employment, being permitted to trade and move goods or provide services, and even gain political rights such as voting. With all of the above, it is easy to see why so many wish to gain a second passport by investment by applying from Dubai.


To achieve your EU passport by investment, you will need to obtain the assistance of our team at UNO Capital, as we have been helping clients for many years. We offer many programs for citizenship by investment, whereby you will receive a second passport and all the benefits it provides. With our European citizenship by investment programs, you can apply for a second passport in Malta.


To find out more about our programs to receive an EU passport by investment, you need only reach out to our dedicated team of advisors. We will be more than happy to go through the programs with you, advising you on which one and which country would best suit you.

Caribbean Passport by Investment Programmes

Caribbean nations offer enticing Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes, presenting a pathway to second citizenship and a passport. These programmes, available in countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia, grant numerous advantages. Benefits include visa-free travel to various countries worldwide, favourable tax structures, and access to robust investment opportunities.


Securing a Caribbean passport via these investment programmes involves various options, such as real estate investments, contributing to government funds, or engaging in business ventures. Each nation offers distinct pathways to citizenship, enabling individuals to choose the most suitable route according to their preferences and objectives.


With our expertise, we assist clients in understanding these programmes, selecting the right option, and guiding them through the application process. Contact our dedicated advisors at UNO Capital to explore how you can access the benefits of a Caribbean passport through investment, enhancing your global mobility and lifestyle opportunities.

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Caribbean Passport by Investment Programmes

Benefits of a Second Passport

The reason so many clients in Dubai choose to receive a second passport by investment is because of the many benefits it will provide. It isn’t just having an extra passport; you will find that it is a completely different way of working, travelling, and investing. Whether you wish to find better economic prospects or a better lifestyle, the benefits of a second passport cannot be overstated.


Some of the many benefits of a second passport include:


    Investing in a governmentbacked, fixed asset like real estate provides stable returns, unlike other volatile investments in stock markets. With our citizenship solutions, you can gain tax efficiency and savings, which allow you to plan your financial freedom. 
    With a second passport by investment from Dubai, you can travel freely to key economic hubs, living in one country and running your office from another. 
    Whether for preventative healthcare, treatment, or parents wanting their children to have the best education, second citizenship makes this possible. With a citizenship by investment, you will get healthcare benefits, the best medical facilities, and access to the best education. 
  • Travel to 180+ Countries
    With a second passport by investment from Dubai, you can travel visa-free or get a visa on arrival in America, Asia, Africa, and more. 
  • Secure the Next Generation
    Receiving an EU passport by investment isn’t just security for yourself; it is providing security for your children and grandchildren too. 
  •  Stronger Legal Protection
    Setting up Wills, trust funds, and more are easier with a second passport by investment from Dubai. You will have access to much better and stronger legal protection as a citizen. 

How to Get a Second Passport by Investment?

The process, guided by experienced consultants, aims to be straightforward, removing potential complexities and ensuring a smooth journey towards dual citizenship.


CBI is essentially securing a second citizenship in another country by making a financial investment. This investment can take various forms, such as buying real estate, purchasing government bonds, establishing a business, or donating to development funds. Each of these avenues supports the economic growth of the chosen country and leads to gaining dual nationality.


Investing in real estate under these programs doesn’t mean acquiring personal property; instead, it involves investing in the real estate market of the target country, aiding its development. Establishing a business contributes directly to the country’s economy. Similarly, buying government bonds or investing in development funds channels funds into projects that benefit the country.


Given the complexity of the process, seeking professional guidance is crucial. The right advice and representation can significantly influence the direction of your investment, opening global opportunities and making the journey towards a second passport less daunting.

Ways and Requirements to Obtain Second Passport & Dual Citizenship

Obtaining a second passport and dual citizenship typically involves either ancestry, naturalization, marriage, or investment. Each method has specific requirements:

  • Ancestry: Many countries grant citizenship to individuals with parents or even grandparents who were citizens of that country. Applicants usually need to provide birth certificates or other documentation proving their lineage.
  • Naturalization: This process requires living in a country for a certain number of years, demonstrating language proficiency, and understanding of the country’s culture and laws. The exact duration and requirements vary by country.
  • Marriage: Marrying a citizen can fast-track citizenship in some countries. However, this usually requires several years of marriage and residency before applying.
  • Investment: Citizenship by investment programs offer a passport in exchange for significant economic contributions, such as real estate investments or donations to government funds. The investment amount varies, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Each method requires thorough documentation and often a clear criminal record. The process can be complex, so legal advice or consulting with immigration experts is advisable.

Why Choose UNO Capital as Your Trusted Second Passport Consultant?

Here at UNO Capital, we have been assisting our clients for many years now, helping them achieve second citizenship by investment. We have the knowledge required to assist clients in this endeavour, guiding them through the process from start to finish. You will be hard-pressed to find a company as experienced or knowledgeable as ours.

Contact Us Today!

While there are many companies offering assistance for those wishing to gain second citizenship, there are none that can beat everything we have to offer here at UNO Capital. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding a second passport by investment from Dubai and are completely government-approved too. So, if you believe that we are the team to assist you in your endeavours, you simply need to reach out to us today.


You can call us today on +971 4 3930 393 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail, answer any questions, and offer helpful advice. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or send an email to us at, and we will respond as soon as possible via your preferred method of contact. However you choose to reach out, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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