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Maldova passport holders visa free travel country list

A lesser-explored beauty, Moldova is full of surprises. From forests to rocky hills, and not to forget their vineyards, this place still remains undiscovered by many. However, many people have begun to visit this place for open culture, continental climate and untouched countryside beauty. In order to become a citizen of this country, you are required to make a substantial economic contribution through Public Investment Fund to Moldova’s government.


This investment makes you entitled to the full citizenship and passport rights of the country as well. Apart from enjoying the various benefits the country has to offer, citizens also get to travel visa-free or through visa on arrival to almost 119 countries that also include Russia, Turkiye and the Schengen regions.


Following is an indicative list of countries providing Visa-Free or On Arrival Visa for Moldova passport holders

Maldova passport holders visa free travel country list


Disclaimer: The above list is only indicative and may change from time to time, please check the visa requirements from embassy/consulate prior to your travel.

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