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Grenada passport holders visa free travel country list

Grenada offers a simple way of life, warm people and untouched beauty to the people residing there. Also known as the “Spice Isle”, the country is home to several hills and plantations, especially nutmeg. The country offers a peaceful standard of living and has recently opened up to new citizenship programs as well. In order to become a citizen of Grenada, a certain investment must be made in the country in terms of a donation to the government or a real estate project approved by them. Once the investor obtains the Grenada passport, he/she can live, study, work, and travel without any restriction in the country. The new citizen of Grenada is not required to renounce his/her prior citizenship which is important to many investors.


The citizenship of Grenada comes with a certain number of travel benefits such as visa-free travel to almost 142 countries that also include UK, China and the Schengen region. The application for this citizenship can be processed without having the need to travel to Grenada. Following is an indicative list of countries providing Visa-Free or On Arrival Visa for Grenada passport holders

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Visa Free Travel Country List


Disclaimer: The above list is only indicative and may change from time to time, please check the visa requirements from embassy/consulate prior to your travel.

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