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Dominica's Citizenship by Investment Program Undergoes Amendments

The Commonwealth of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is the second-longest and one of the best CBI programmes for dual citizenship applicants. Since 1993, Dominica’s CBI program has allowed non-citizens to obtain second citizenship in Dominica by investing in the country’s government fund or buying government-approved real estate. The island’s Citizenship by Investment program, which scored 80 in the 2021 CBI index, recently changed the eligibility criteria for dependents.


The Commonwealth Government of Dominica proposed a set of changes in August 2022, which will go into effect from 15th September 2022. Unlike the 2021 amendment that allowed the flexibility of dependents, the new rules have incorporated changes regarding the definition of dependents and the government fee structure for citizenship by investment and contribution applicants. The amendments will lower the chances of adding siblings as dependents, put an age restriction on parents and grandparents as added as dependents, and adult children, who are dependents, will have to enrol in higher studies. The last change does not apply to unmarried daughters.


From 15th September 2022, the new definition and criteria of dependents will be as follows:


Adult Children (18-30 years) as Dependents

Adult children of the main applicant should be enrolled in higher education in a recognised and esteemed institution to be deemed dependent. This eligibility criterion will co-exist with the previous rule, according to which an adult child dependent should be financially supported by the applicant or the applicant’s spouse.

Unmarried daughters under 25 will be considered dependents even if they are not enrolled in higher studies. However, they must be under 25, should live with the main applicant or their spouse, and be entirely supported by them.


Parents and Grandparents as Dependents

Unlike the previous amendment, which was free of age restrictions on parents and grandparents of the principal applicant, the new rules state that they will be considered dependents only if they are fully supported by the main applicant or their spouse and are older than 65 years.


Siblings as Dependents

Entirely scrapping the idea proposed in June 2020 that suggested including siblings as dependents, the 2022 Citizenship by Investment amendments have completely removed the option of the siblings of the main applicant or the main applicant’s spouse to be added as dependents in the CIB application. The exclusion of siblings as dependents has also resulted in the exclusion of any fees related to sibling dependents.


Eligible Dependent Fees

For families with more than four members, the set fee for eligible dependents will depend on the dependent’s age. The fee for additional dependents under 18 is now $25,000, whereas the fee for additional dependents over 18 is $50,000.


In Conclusion


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