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Antigua & Barbuda Passport Holders Visa Free Travel Countries List

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful island country to reside in with its reef-lined beaches and rainforests. In order to receive the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship, applicants are required to make a set of economic aid to the country. An Antigua passport is considered among the strongest in the Caribbean. There is a favorable tax system in the country with its citizens free from paying both real estate and capital gains taxes.


The applicant and family are granted full citizenship along with passports. With this passport, the citizen has access to visa-free/ visa-on-arrival to almost 149 destinations around the world including Singapore, UK and areas of the Schengen region. Moreover, the country is a member of the Commonwealth entitles its citizens to a set of privileges in the United Kingdom and a few other member states. Finally, it is also well connected with air links to North America and Europe.Following is an indicative list of countries providing Visa-Free or On Arrival Visa for Antigua and Barbuda passport holders

Antigua & Barbuda Passport Holders Visa Free Travel Countries List


Disclaimer: The above list is only indicative and may change from time to time, please check the visa requirements from embassy/consulate prior to your travel.

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